Psycho Pass Season 4: Possible Release Date Leaks & Latest Updates 2024!

Psycho Pass series is among the top animated anime series aired in the psychological genre. Production IG. introduced the series The choreography and animation quality are amazingly satisfying to watch.

The fans have showered their praise from all over the world and are expecting to witness the announcement of season 4 soon.

The fight scenes of Psycho Pass are exceptional and the storyline keeps us on the edge of wanting for more. It is a mixture of science fiction, animation, social compositions, and presaged details. As season 3 concludes, the buffs are pondering the thought as to when the next follow is upcoming. The intriguing charm of the series is the cause why the fans have been demanding any information concerning the next season of the series.

Psycho Pass is a Japanese Notamonia Programming that is issued on DVD and blue-ray formats. The series is said to excel in defining the depth of each role. It curtails the futuristic era in Japan, where they have established a group of psychometric scanners. They entrust them with calculating the crime prospects of the residents of Japan. The story of the series has dialogs and characters that are realistic and they have a logical explanation of every event, which makes it uncommon in the realm of animation. But this is also what sets it apart.

We have often compared it to Philip Dick’s work on Blade runner. But it has aspects that are unique on its own. It is a thought-provoking series that explores the deep concepts of life in a society.

Psycho-Pass Season 4 Release Date

They delivered the initial season of Psycho pass starting in October 2012. The run-up for twenty-two episodes soon became a sensation. Thereafter, the 2nd season is from October 2014, with over eleven total chapters. They released four unconventional movies after the dual season was complete. The series is neither an adaptation of any animation nor any copy of a book; it is an authentic show.

Season 3 of the series ended with numerous positive reviews from the critics. Although people have been comparing the three seasons making the first season at the top, the fourth season may surpass the rest. The last season ended with several aspects which were unexplained. It makes room for the follow-up.

The makers are positive about continuing the fantastic franchise of the goodwill they have created through the Psycho pass. We can hope for season 4 anytime soon.

Psycho-Pass English Dubbed series

You can go through the dubbed series in English from various sources. They deliver the seasons of the series on Hungama and prime.

The subbed interpretation is also available on Amazon for prime users.

The Story of Psycho-Pass

Anime is a drama crime category that starts with a Sybil system. The officers try to find out, with the support of this system, the psychological state of the locals. They calculate the state on an analytical scale which determines whether the person is likely to commit any violation. Those numerical numbers which are allotted to each citizen are called the crime coefficient.

The deductive capacity of the officers secures the peace and integrity of society. The third season proposes two officers, Kei Mikhail and Arata. They work together to fight crime. The story starts with an airplane accident where a migrant dies. As they dive into the case further, they discover themselves amid a massive plot functioning under a dominant group named Bifrost.

The roles of Psycho-Pass Season 4


The third season ends with a plot surprise. The primary lead among the two, Kei Ignatov, is a hero who solves crimes but turns against his partners. In his pursuit of rescuing his wife, he ties hands with the group he tries to arrest.

With the promise of uniting further, the season leaves us with curiosity. The fourth season will have the two new leads set up and it will revolve around their chemistry. Despite the fluttering bond, in the end, we can expect that the further season will settle their misunderstanding.

1. Kei Mikhail

They introduced the new lead protagonist in season 3. He is a police officer at the Public sector Unit investigation branch. The characterization of the series has no bounds, and they showed each character with their distinct features, and eventually, you get attached with each one of them. Kei is tall and has a grim face with narrow blue eyes. He is skilled as a fighter resulting from his military history and has a powerful insight into the law.

He is short on expressing his feelings, but the series has portrayed the inescapable care he shows towards people around him.

2. Arata Shindou

He is another main lead who was in the third season. They partnered him with Kei. He possesses the supernatural skill of mental trace, which allows him to transport himself into the crime scene and interpret the events from a close range. Arata is rather childish and, unlike his partner, is always smiling. He has a strong sense of justice, but he is never hasty with anger.

The expected story of season 4 shall be that the friction between the two leads will continue. The story ended with an unexpected tragedy, with one protagonist joining the opposition in the third season, hence people are expecting a great comeback. It will be fun if the story takes a different turn with new characters.



The series is drawing in loads of new ideas and unexpected actions as witnessed in season 3. We expect it to go on raising the stakes in the fourth season. Psycho-Pass: First Inspector was the last installment of season 3. With that, the start of the new season is on the expectation. There are several psychological crime thrillers, but Psycho pass most certainly takes the highest rank. With their sci-fi plot and interesting characters, the show is to continue with a follow-up. We are waiting for any news on the fourth season.