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Biography of the Malbec group

Malbek is a Russian musical group whose style can be defined as a mixture of pop, rap, soul and electronica.

Group “Malbec”

History of creation

The history of the Malbec group began in 2016. School friends Roman Varnin and Alexander Pyanykh met after a long break in communication to work together. At that time, they saw their future in clip-making – creating music videos for various groups. However, after a while, the guys realized that it was much more interesting for them to compose their own music than to promote other bands.

The first composition of the Malbec group: Roman Varnin (left) and Alexander Pyanykh

Roman came up with the name for the band. “Malbec” is the name of one of the grape varieties that grows mostly in Argentina and is used to create wine with an original tart taste. Many fans believe that thanks to the explosive mixture of genres, the band’s music turned out to be as exotic as Argentinean wine.

The main stages of creativity

The real popularity of the group came along with the young singer Suzanne Abdullah. Unlike Roman and Alexander, at the time of the creation of the group, the girl already had some fame: in 2010 she took part in the Ukrainian project “X-factor”, and in 2012 – in the Russian “Minute of Glory”. In 2013, the singer released her solo track “About Nothing” under the pseudonym Suzanne Salem.

Susanna met the Malbec group in 2017 and then decided to record several songs with them. The two most famous compositions of that period were “Hypnoses” and “Indifference”. By the way, Roman created the second track 5 years before, but they never performed it without Suzanne.

Malbec – Hypnoses

The show “Evening Urgant” helped the group to significantly increase the number of fans, where they were invited to perform their most popular track at that time, “Indifference”. The release of the album “New Art” became a landmark moment in the history of the group. The tracks “Hair” and “Just Believe” successfully conquered the top of the charts for several months. In the same 2017, the second album of the Cry-Baby group was released, written in the style already familiar to the group, which is a mixture of rock, pop music and electronics.

First public interview of Malbec and Suzanne

In September 2018, the band released their third album, Reptiland. According to Roman Varnin, it became the maximum realization of the group’s potential with a new singer. In addition, in his interviews, he repeatedly called it “the best Russian album of the decade.”

Collaborations with other artists

The Malbec group has not yet recorded joint songs with other performers. However, Roman and Alexander constantly continued to work on the creation of video clips. For example, in 2016 they released the clip “Happiness” for rap artist David Bintsene.


In 2017, the fans of the group were rather surprised by the message that Roman Varnin decided to marry Suzanne Abdullah literally after several dates.

Malbec ft Suzanne – Indifference

On October 18, 2018, the loudest scandal in the history of the group erupted. During a Moscow concert at GlavClub, having received a microphone from her husband, Suzanne announced publicly that she was leaving Roman, as she was constantly crying from his beatings. After that, the singer threw the microphone on the floor.

Suzanne announces divorce from Roma Malbec

However, Malbec fans agreed that it was just a PR action or a momentary quarrel about the relationship of the musicians, because the very next day the group in full force was again on stage.


  • “New Art” (2017)
  • “Crybaby” (2017)
  • Reptiland (2018)

Group “Malbec” now

On October 30, 2018, a new clip of the band called “Excites me” appeared on Youtube from director Polina Zaitseva, who previously worked on the video for the song “Hypnoses”.

Malbec – Excites me

To create the video, footage from the family life of Suzanne and Roman was used. It can be seen that at first the couple is doing well: they have fun on the rides, in the ocean, ride on deserted tracks and demonstrate their feelings in every possible way. However, the picture soon changes: Roman finds himself in an abandoned building, surrounded by snakes, and Susanna cries in the shower.

Malbec – listen online