Gloria Talipova Net Worth 2024 – Where is She Now?

Biography of Gloria Talipova

Gloria Anatolyevna Talipova is a business woman, the founder of the company and the ideological inspirer of the Glory Group and the Lovely brand – cosmetics and accessories for beauty salons and beauty industry professionals. She understands well what professionals need, since she herself began her career as a lashmaker. Now Gloria is one of the hundred most influential representatives of the domestic lash & brow industry.

Early years

Gloria was born in October 1992 in the small town of Tara, Omsk region. Her parents are artists, creative and religious people. Following the Christian precepts, they not only gave birth to eight children but also adopted seven. Gloria, on the other hand, was the late and youngest child, so she lived most of her childhood as if she was the only one.

She was born in a troubled time for the country, when her parents, like many Russians, were left without work. Gloria remembers the times when the electricity went out in their house. The family survived as best they could: they raised animals, sold seedlings and crops. The girl from school began to help her parents – she sold seeds and vegetables at the market.

Despite all the obstacles, Gloria studied well, was one of the best students in the class, and had a penchant for the exact sciences. Educators noted her analytical mind. In high school, Gloria began to study law with enthusiasm, but only two points were not enough to enter the budget of the day department of the law faculty of OmGu.

I had to go to the evening. At first, the girl was worried about this, but in the end the situation was in her favor.

For some time, Gloria was on fire with the idea of ​​going to the police, since her older brother studied at the academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. But having got acquainted with the profession of a policeman, she changed her mind.


During her student years, Gloria continued to attend church regularly. It was within the walls of the house of God that she met her future husband, Ramil Talipov. Initially, the girl was opposed to early marriages and did not intend to get married, but a reliable and devout young man, who was also engaged in volunteer work, won her heart.

They began to prepare for the wedding. After completing the second year, Gloria became a married woman and since then has never regretted her decision. Her husband is her soul mate, best friend, business partner and reliable support. After 10 months, the couple had their first child.

And shortly before the wedding, a turning point came in the life of Gloria, which forever changed her fate.


Before the celebration, Gloria decided to go to her small homeland for a couple of months – to visit her parents, collect her thoughts. Returning to Omsk, on the train she saw a girl with incredibly long and beautiful eyelashes. Gloria got into a conversation with her and found out that she works as a lashmaker – extends eyelashes.

Before that, Gloria for some reason considered the extended eyelashes to be something ridiculous and foreign. Later, she realized that she simply did not see good works from experienced craftsmen. And the fellow traveler’s eyelashes were great! A new acquaintance offered her services to the bride.

After the wedding, Gloria thought about teaching this profession – she had to look for a job, but it was almost impossible to associate the standard five-day period with studying at the university.

Gloria signed up for training courses but quickly outgrew their mentors. She was delighted with the new case, enthusiastically looking for information, she wanted to know everything. The girl realized from personal experience that it is impossible to work with Russian materials with full dedication – the quality is too poor.

It was 2010, and the current wide range was still very far away. Gloria had a hard time finding quality Korean materials. But the effort was worth it: the flow of customers grew, satisfied customers came back again and again and recommended Talipov to their friends.

“Glory Lash”

In 2011, Gloria learned that a popular brand of building materials was looking for representatives. She has long thought about distributing eyelash extension materials together with her husband, and this episode gave Gloria a boost. She and Ramil went to a wholesale supplier. One “but”: the minimum order was 100 thousand rubles. The family did not have such money – Ramil worked in the church and received about 6 thousand. They collected the required amount for six months.

July 28, 2012 – this date is considered by the spouses to be the company’s birthday – the first parcel with goods arrived. At first it was difficult: the demand for products was growing, but the spouses did not have the slightest idea about the business.

It was difficult to find employees – this industry seemed questionable to many. The whole family huddled in a one-room apartment, where there was also a warehouse, Gloria and Ramil worked at night, which is why the schedule was lost for everyone, even for the baby.

Some time later, the couple later took the family friends – Alexander and Ekaterina Shchelgavins – as partners. The company received the name – Glory Lash (Glory is not only the name of Gloria, but also “glory” in translation from English).

Soon, under the auspices of the company, Gloria’s own brand was born – Lovely, specializing in materials for eyelash extension. The first product, Double Power build-up glue, hit the shelves in 2013. Next, Lovely eyelashes were on sale.

The business grew, as did the assortment. In 2017, the company’s products entered the international market. Now the brand has more than 440 dealerships around the world. Lovely products were the first Russian brands to take part in the Italian exhibition of professional cosmetics Cosmoprof (2019). And in 2019, the Lic professional makeup brand was launched, which customers fell in love with.

Gloria did not stand still either: she began to teach others to extend eyelashes, in 2017 she opened a licensed International Academy of Beauty, where anyone can study the profession of a lashmaker, eyebrow artist, and depilation master. Three years later, a branch of the Academy appeared in Iran.

Gloria Talipova now

For 10 years, Gloria has gone a difficult path from a girl from a provincial town to a business woman with the most recognizable and demanded Russian eyelash brand.

She successfully combines business with the role of wife and mother: now she and her husband already have three children. The family moved from Omsk to the Krasnodar Territory, the business is being conducted remotely.

Now the Lovely online store sells products not only for lashmakers, but also for nail masters, for depilation specialists, eyebrows and other masters from the beauty industry.