Alexander Klyachin


Biography of Alexander Klyachin

Alexander Ilyich Klyachin became a trendsetter in loft-quarters fashion in Russia, was the first to build an international hotel brand and the largest Russian hotel chain in Russia, and is known for his investor instinct. Klyachin is 54 years old, of which he has been in the investment business for three decades, is married and has 2 adult children. His business life is rich in events, we have identified 14 notable facts from the biography of a businessman.

Alexander Klyachin: 14 significant events in the life of an investor

  1. In 2011, Alexander Ilyich was included in the Forbes rating “14 entrepreneurs who changed Moscow for the better.” This is how the development project “Business-quarter“ Krasnaya Roza ”, which was implemented by his company KR-Properties, was noted. “Architects Sergei Kiselev and Narine Tyutcheva have created an unexpected masterpiece from industrial buildings of the 19th century,” as the architectural community appreciated the harmony of the exposed red brick of old walls and modern technologies. The project area was 60 thousand square meters. m, the amount of investment is $ 250 million.
  2. In the wake of the success of his first loft project, Alexander Klyachin creates other business districts in Moscow. In 2009, the project for the renovation of the buildings of the former Danilovskaya Manufactory factory received a world Oscar in real estate – FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence.
  3. Loft apartments “Kadashevskie chambers” were equipped on the basis of a stone building built in Zamoskvorechye at the beginning of the 19th century by the project of Adolf Erichson. Now in this complex, located just a kilometer from the Kremlin, there are 25 loft apartments. The project was named the winner in the category “Best LOFT Style Object” by the Urban Awards.
  4. The restructuring of the former “Arma” gas-holder plant in the area of ​​the Kursk railway station became one of the most labor-intensive projects of Alexander Klyachin. Not only were the historic circular buildings restored, but a large surrounding area was also landscaped.
  5. With the purchase of the first dilapidated hotel in Samara, Alexander Ilyich built the first international hotel brand in Russia in 4 years. Its AZIMUT Hotels chain is today the leader of the hotel industry in the country. Modern full-cycle AZIMUT hotels have appeared in large cities of Russia, Germany, Austria, Israel. The plans are to open hotels of the chain in Turkey and Bulgaria. The chain includes 41 hotels of categories 3 and 4 stars.
  6. Developing hotel investments, Klyachin creates a luxury-format hotel cluster. In 2012, for almost 9 billion rubles. he buys the Metropol hotel in Moscow, built in 1901 by the efforts of the patron Savva Mamontov. This is a historical and architectural monument of Art Nouveau, has a unique collection of paintings, decorated with Vrubel’s stained glass windows. The new owner signed the security obligation immediately after the auction. The investor has preserved the historical architecture and interior decor of the building and significantly expanded the restaurant part of the historic trophy.
  7. In April 2024, the structure of Alexander Klyachin “Gleden Invest” on the site of the Kempinski hotel complex opens a five-star Metropol hotel in Gelendzhik. According to experts, the value of the asset is estimated at 4.5-5 billion rubles. VTB experts see great prospects for the hotel’s development: “The management of Gleden Invest has a powerful background in complex cases to increase the capitalization of the facilities they manage.”
  8. The development of food production has become another area of ​​investment for Alexander Klyachin. In 2018, the businessman acquires the Karat Moscow Processed Cheese Factory. This enterprise produces – famous since the times of the USSR cheese “Druzhba” and “Yantar”, curd cheese Violette. Since 2013, the plant has been in default. Klyachin’s company paid off debts and developed a plant modernization program. The new team has increased the production of processed cheese several times over 4 years. The plant, which began work in 1934, has returned to life and is making plans for expansion into the regions.
  9. In 2018, Klyachin’s investments were significantly shifted towards food chains. Its management company leased the M. Gafuria Bashkir Poultry Complex (BPC). This largest turkey producer in Russia was actually close to bankruptcy and was under supervision – the enterprise did not work. After the arrival of Klyachin’s management team, by the end of 2019, the first chicks had already appeared; today, the production of turkey meat under the brand name “Turkey” has been restored and exceeded pre-bankruptcy indicators.
  10. In early 2024, Alexander Klyachin was selected as VTB’s main partner for the development of tourism clusters in Russia. The interest of institutional investors in the industry in the form of VTB together with Rosturizm with the involvement of large private investors such as Potanin, Vekselberg, Yevtushenkov, Klyachin began to promote the growth of tourism infrastructure, popularize domestic tourism, create new jobs and support the industry. Perhaps the changes will be to the benefit of everyone – tourism from a spontaneous Shanghai format at Russian resorts will receive a modern development.
  11. In 2006, Alexander Klyachin became the founder and donor of the Khamovniki Foundation for the Support of Social Research. The foundation sponsors research in social anthropology, local communities and municipal government. The results obtained in the course of field and desk research are open to everyone. The HSE, other economic and sociological institutions, leading researchers of Russia and the world actively cooperate with the Foundation. Over the past 10 years, the foundation has completed 76 projects, published 25 books and was included in the “Rating of 20 charitable foundations of the richest Russian businessmen” published by Forbes.
  12. Since 2012, Alexander Klyachin has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the Bolshoi Theater, which was created in 2001 with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Moscow government. Members of the council – well-known Russian businessmen provide substantial support to many creative and social projects of the theater. Professional awards of the Board of Trustees are awarded annually to the best employees of the theater.
  13. In February 2024, Alexander Klyachin headed the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow. In this position, he replaced the well-known businessman, founder of the Renova group, Viktor Vekselberg. The Board of Trustees considers it its ethical and moral task to reduce national and religious tensions in society.
  14. According to the results of 2024, Forbes put Alexander Klyachin in 60th place among the richest businessmen in Russia. The publication estimated his fortune at $ 1.6 billion.