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Biography of Sean Connery

Sean Connery is a British film actor of Scottish origin. First actor to play James Bond in the 007 film series. Winner of an Oscar for his supporting role in The Untouchables. He was knighted and had the title of sir. He died at the age of 90 – peacefully, in his sleep.

Pictured: Sean Connery

Childhood and youth

Thomas Sean Connery was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1930. Sean’s parents were simple workers. His father worked as a truck driver, and his mother worked as a cleaner. Sean, in order to help his parents feed his family, dropped out of school at the age of thirteen and got a job as a milk carrier.

Sean Connery as a child

A few years later, Connery joined the Royal Navy of Britain. During the service, the young man made himself two tattoos “Mom and Dad” and “Scotland Forever”. In view of the fact that Connery was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer, he was commissioned home to Edinburgh.

Sean Connery served in the British Navy

Over the next few years, he worked in various fields. He was an auxiliary worker, a bodyguard, a bricklayer and even a coffin polisher. For a while he had nothing to rent an apartment, so Sean had to sleep at his workplace, that is, literally in a coffin.

Sean Connery was fond of bodybuilding in his youth

In 1953, Connery became interested in bodybuilding, and over time, the hobby began to bring him a small additional income for shooting in swimwear commercials. The peak in Sean Connery’s sports career was the Mr. Universe contest, where he managed to take third place. After that, they began to invite him to appear first in supporting roles, and after that he became the main star in the theater in the South Pacific show.

Actor career

Sean Connery starred in his first Hollywood film, Lilies in the Spring, in 1955. Four years after the release of the picture with his participation, the film “Another Time, Elsewhere” appeared on the screens. The actor’s partner on the set was Lana Turner. The actress was in a relationship at the same time with Connery and with the unbalanced gangster Johnny Stompanato, who at the time of filming was in Los Angeles and burst into Sean’s shooting with a gun, but everything worked out.

Sean Connery and Lana Turner in Another Time, Another Place

In 1959, Walt Disney invited actor Connery to star in Darby O’Gill and the Little Folk. The company “XX Century Fox”, with which at that time the actor had a contract for seven years, agreed to let Connery go to work with Disney. The next work of the Scottish actor was the role in the film “Anna Karenina” based on the novel of the same name by Leo Tolstoy in 1961.

Sean Connery in Anna Karenina

The actor was lucky enough to work with the master of the thriller Alfred Hitchcock – Connery starred in the detective “Marnie” in 1964.

Sean Connery in Detective Marnie

For a long time, the Scot was not seen as a “star”. However, luck smiled at him, and the wife of Bond producer Dana Wilson liked his charming smile and perfect figure. Then the newspapers published photos of applicants for the role of agent 007, and readers gave their votes to Sean. Although the author of the Bond books, Ian Fleming, was against Connery’s candidacy, at the first meeting the actor seemed to him an uncouth country bumpkin. To which Sean replied, “Well, Fleming is smarter than his writing.” In 1962, the first James Bond film, Dr. No, was released, which brought Connery a resounding success. Later, the actor starred in seven films about a British intelligence agent, including From Russia with Love, Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever.

Sean Connery in the first James Bond film Dr. No

In 1983, Sean Connery ended his “career” of James Bond and tried himself in other roles. So, in 1986, Sean participated in the filming of the film “Highlander”, which marked the beginning of a series of fantastic action films about the universe created by Gregory Widen. In 1987, he played one of the main roles in the film “The Untouchables”, where Robert De Niro and Kevin starred with him Costner. For this work, Connery was awarded an Oscar.

Sean Connery and Kevin Costner in The Untouchables

Two years later, Sean got a role in the cult adventure film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with Harrison Ford.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – trailer

In 1996, Connery worked on the same set with Nicolas Cage and Ed Harris. The actors played the main roles in Michael Bay’s action movie The Rock.

Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage in The Rock

In 1999, People magazine honored the 69-year-old Connery with the title of Sexiest Man of the Year. In the same year, Sean will play in the thriller “The Trap” along with one of the sex symbols of Hollywood, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones in The Trap

In 2000, Sean Connery turned down the role of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which was later played by Ian McKellen. He explained this by saying that he “never liked fantasy”.

Sean Connery’s personal life

In 1962, Sean Connery married Australian actress Diane Silento, with whom he had been married for 11 years. In 1963 they had a son, Jason, who also became a successful actor. Jason Connery is best known for his roles in the series Otherworld and Doctor Who.

Sean Connery with Diane Silento and son

In 1975, Sean tied the knot for the second time with the French artist Micheline Roquebrune. They have been married for over 40 years, but Michelin and Sean have no common children.

Sean Connery and Micheline Roquebrune

In 2000, Connery received the title of sir, having been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

famous seducers. Sean Connery

The actor advocated the separation of Scotland from Great Britain and repeatedly stated that he would return to his homeland only when it gained independence.

Last years of life and death

In recent years, Connery practically did not act in films due to health problems. In 1993, there were reports that the actor had throat cancer, and in 2009, the actor himself spoke about heart failure. In the spring of 2013, the media reported that Sean was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

In recent years, Sean Connery has practically not acted in films.

In addition, he has repeatedly said that he does not see worthy scenarios, and he is disgusted with wasting energy on cinematic consumer goods. His last feature film, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, was released in 2003. Since then, he has worked on several voice acting projects for cartoon projects, in 2012 he acted as an executive producer of the cartoon Sir Billy. In the same year, he was offered a cameo role as a forester in the new part of the Bond film, but he refused.

In August 2024, the actor turned 90 years old. Due to health problems, he almost did not appear in public. According to his widow, lately he was almost unconscious of himself and had difficulty expressing his thoughts and feelings. On October 31 of the same year, it became known that Sir Sean Connery passed away – calmly, in his sleep.

According to the last will of the actor, he was cremated, and the ashes were divided into two parts. One was scattered over the Bahamas, where Sir Connery spent the last years of his life with his family, and the second – over the lands of his native Scotland.

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