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Biography of Scott Adkins

Scott is a talented English actor and successful sportsman, martial artist who managed to make a brilliant film career and become famous all over the world thanks to his outstanding roles in cult action films. Among them, a special place is occupied by a series of films “Undeniable”, where Adkins embodies the image of the Russian MMA fighter Yuri Boyko.

Actor and fighter Scott Adkins

Childhood and youth

The future athlete and actor (Scott Edward Adkins) was born in Sutton Caulfield (now part of Birmingham) in a family of hereditary butchers. Parents, John and Janet Adkins, devoted a lot of time and attention to the education of Scott and his older brother Craig and sought to grow real men out of them. Scott went to college. Bishop Wessey, but he could not boast of excellent academic performance. He liked to watch action movies with the participation of his idols until late at night: Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Vann Damme. Because of this, the boy was often late for classes, and sometimes even fell asleep in class.

Scott Adkins in childhood and now

When Scott was 10, his father took him and his brother to the judo section. After the first training, young Scott immediately realized that martial arts is exactly what he wants to devote his future life to. Soon, taekwondo classes were added to the main training, which were conducted by Ron Sergio, a member of the British Martial Arts Association.

A few years later, the young man, under the guidance of Anthony Jones, began to master kickboxing and very soon achieved significant success in this sport. Already at the age of fourteen, he became the owner of a black belt, having passed all the necessary standards, and could have become a real champion if not for cinema.

Scott Adkins height – 178 cm

The popularity of action movie heroes haunted Scott, and he decided to become a real professional not only in the ring, but also on the set. In high school, he enrolled in a theater studio at the college and after graduation planned to continue his studies at the London Academy of Dramatic Art. Unfortunately, there was only enough money for the first year, and reluctantly, Adkins was forced to leave the walls of this prestigious educational institution.

Actor career

But fate soon took pity on the talented, purposeful young man and sent him a kind angel in the person of Stephen Tung Fei, head of the Hong Kong stunt association, who invited him to star in the action movie Extreme Challenge (2001). Prior to that, Adkins could only boast of a few episodic roles in British TV series, so the invitation to film in the homeland of martial arts was an incredible success for Scott.

Scott Adkins in Extreme Challenge

After this work, tempting directorial offers fell on the young actor, as if from a cornucopia. In the action films “The Accidental Spy” and “Medallion” he met on the same set with childhood idol Jackie Chan, and after participating in the action “Undeniable-2” he became a star of the first magnitude.

Scott Adkins in Undisputed 2

In this fighting game, Scott played the role of Russian prisoner Yuri Boyko, a participant in prison fights. The audience was completely delighted with his character, who was the antagonist of the protagonist, and the success of the film exceeded the wildest expectations of the creators. Four years later, the third part of “Undeniable” was released, in which Adkins, now playing the first violin, again skillfully reincarnated as a brave and determined Russian athlete.

At the moment, the actor’s filmography includes fifty paintings, many of which have become a real event in the world of cinema. In 2007, he appeared in the company of Matt Damon in the action-packed action movie The Bourne Ultimatum, and two years later he played a major role in the sensational action movie Ninja.

Scott Adkins on the set of Ninja

One of Adkinns’ brightest and most memorable works is John in Universal Soldier 4, which premiered in 2012. As part of the promotional tour, Scott visited Moscow, where he shared with the audience his impressions of working with childhood idols Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude van Damme.

Scott Adkins workout

In the same year, the actor starred in the second part of the action movie The Expendables, where he joined Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham. In 2013, Adkins appeared on the screen in the second part of Ninja, and a year later he played King Amphitryon in the adventure film Hercules. Beginning of the legend.

In 2017, the fourth part of “Undeniable” was released, and again, with bated breath, the audience watched the fights of Yuri Boyko. According to rumors, in 2019 the fifth part of the fighting game so beloved by Russian viewers will be released.

Scott Adkins on the set of the action movie Undisputed 4

In 2018, viewers were able to see five premieres at once with the participation of the actor. Scott played a hitman in the film “Accident”, reincarnated as a collector in the film of the same name by Jesse Johnson, played the main roles in the films “Incoming” and “War in Carmuse” and appeared in the continuation of the cult “Deadpool”.

Personal life of Scott Adkins

Despite his popularity and celebrity status, Scott still lives in Birmingham, not far from his parents. There are two reasons for this: firstly, he cannot stand the hustle and bustle of big cities, and secondly, he wants to devote as much time as possible to his family.

Scott Adkins and his wife

In the spring of 2011, Atkins’ civil wife Lisa gave birth to baby Carmen Gabriella, in whom he does not care. The actor even abandoned his favorite computer games so as not to be distracted from communicating with his daughter. On June 1, his son Joshua was born.

Scott Adkins with his wife and daughter

Scott devotes the rest of his time to sports. To maintain the necessary shape and not look too pumped and bulky, three workouts a week are enough for him.

Scott Adkins now

In 2019, Scott could be seen in the films Triple Threat, British Psycho and Kidnapped. At the same time, he worked on the second part of the action movie Collectors, which premiered in 2024. In 2024, Scott Adkins also appeared in the action films Legacy of Lies, Hostage, and Max Cloud. Surprisingly, most of the recent films with the talented Adkins receive low ratings from critics and audiences.

Castle Fall movie poster

Adkins’ collaborative work with Dolph Lundgren, the film “Castle Falls”, will be presented to the audience in 2024.

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