Pierre Cardin Net Worth

Biography of Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin is one of the most famous personalities in the history of high fashion. He is famous for his passion for abstract design. It is with the light hand of this couturier that a fresh stream of air – the avant-garde – is rapidly bursting into the world of fashion.

Childhood of Pierre Cardin

The famous couturier was born and raised in a poor French family. He was the sixth child. Cardin’s father served as a mercenary soldier, then worked as a winemaker. Pierre could follow in his footsteps, but from childhood he dreamed of creating his own empire of beautiful clothes. Already at an early age, he began to be attracted to the theater (because of the wide variety of costumes) and dolls (which can be sewn into all sorts of outfits).

In 1926, the parents of the future fashion designer moved to their homeland, to France. At the age of 14, Cardin got a job as a tailor’s assistant.

Youth of Pierre Cardin

At the age of 17, Pierre went to Vichy, where he worked as a tailor in a men’s clothing store. Having received certain skills, the assertive 23-year-old young man goes to conquer Paris. Pierre does not change his dream and continues to study architecture, design and sewing. He worked in various fashion ateliers in Paris: Madame Paquini Elsa Schiaparelli.

Pierre Cardin’s collections were popular in 2013 as well

At the same time, Pierre met Jean Cocteau and Christian Berard. It is they who are the patronage of the young couturier and Cardin receives the first big order – to make costumes and masks for the film “Beauty and the Beast”.

The beginning of the career of fashion designer Pierre Cardin

After about two years, having gained experience, the young man becomes the leading fashion designer in the studio of Christian Dior, for whom he worked for about three years.

Pierre Cardin is fond of clear geometric lines, ignoring female forms, designs the famous “bubble dresses” and presents them in his collections. Developing the traditions of the legendary Coco Chanel, Cardin experiments a lot and offers unisex clothes to her clients. We can say that in almost all of his endeavors, the fashion designer adheres to the avant-garde style.

In 1957, Cardin created the first collection of women’s clothing, which was a huge success. He proved to be a specialist in bias cuts, semi-fitted lines and bright colors. Thanks to him, short tunics appear, glasses, helmets and unusual shapes that evoke cosmic fantasies become fashionable.

In the mid-fifties, the fashion designer opened his first boutique called “Eve”. And three years later, he decides to take a bold step and takes on men’s clothing and opens a store called “Adam”.

Pierre Cardin received an order from Vladimir Putin

Cardin was one of the first to offer clothes for men in all the colors of the rainbow. Now, this is something taken for granted, but at that time it seemed an extremely bold decision.

One of the successes of this wonderful stylist was that he was the first to stage a show right in the store, and not on the prestigious catwalk. This caused a public scandal. The future celebrity was expelled from the trade union for trying to dishonor the couturier profession.

A little later, the fashion designer decides to create a collection of children’s clothing. Pierre Cardin children’s clothing store opens in Paris. And after some time, such stores have already appeared around the world.

Recognition and fame of a fashion designer

In 1957 Cardin made his first trip to Japan. Here he was awarded the title of honorary professor of the Japanese College of Design. Cardin was the first international fashion designer to turn to Japan as a fertile high fashion market.

Throughout the sixties, the fashion designer continued to work on creating bizarre shapes and bright colors in clothes. Realizing that the avant-garde style of clothing is not always acceptable to the general population, the couturier is gradually moving towards a more traditional style. In 1961, a classic-style clothing store opens in Paris.

Pierre Cardin: to Russia with love

Having completely and unconditionally conquered Europe, the couturier went to New York in 1966. The success of his collections exceeded all expectations and Cardin’s store was opened in this city. In the same year, Pierre Cardin was awarded the international award “Golden Spinning Wheel” in the city of Krefeld (Germany).

A wide range of interests, hobbies of Pierre Cardin

Fashion is not the only thing Cardin is interested in. He made his mark in perfumery, in the design of the Toyota Rav 4, produces champagne and children’s toys, opened a hotel in California.

In 1981, the famous couturier acquired the Maxim restaurant chain. Soon branches of the restaurant opened in London, Beijing and New York.

In 2006, Pierre Cardin opened a museum in Saint-Ouen, where he collected all his creations.

Couturiers have even been accused of wanting to put their name on everything from cars to food. Pierre Cardin is not only a well-known trendsetter. He was the owner of restaurants, the Espace Cardin theater, the author of books, the creator of furniture and interior items. Winner of 24 prestigious international awards, Commander of the Order of the Legion of Honor and the Order of Merit, Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters

The House of Cardin produced up to 20 thousand models of clothes and accessories per year. Around the world, more than 200 thousand people worked at its factories.

Pierre Cardin has patented 800 different products, his business includes two theaters, restaurants, 8 thousand boutiques of perfumes, watches, magazines, furniture, cigarettes and much more. The company’s annual turnover was approximately $12 billion.

Personal life of Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin dedicated his entire life to work. But the fashion designer was not only limited to work. The main love of the life of the “silk king” was the famous actress Jeanne Moreau.

Pierre Cardin with his wife, actress Jeanne Moreau

They were introduced by Coco Chanel. Sympathy for each other soon developed into a deep feeling. All four years of their life together they dreamed of children. But, unfortunately, Moreau could not have them. After parting, Moreau and Pierre remained friends.

The only thing Cardin regrets is that he has no heirs. One of the main contenders for the inheritance, which, according to Cardin, is 71 billion, is his nephew, Rodrigo, better known as a pianist.


On December 29, 2024, Pierre Cardin left this world just two years before his centenary.