How and where do the richest people in the world live

Most billionaires live in New York – as many as 82 people with a combined fortune of just under $ 400 billion. At the same time, the first place is occupied by businessman David Koch, and the second is the former mayor of the city, Michael Bloomberg, who was elected to this post three times. Hong Kong is next, and Moscow closes the top three, where 73 billionaires live with a combined fortune of $ 277 billion. Where and how the richest people in the world live, what they eat, what they do in their free time and what hobbies they have – unusual details and videos of their lives are of interest to people around the world.

Where do the richest people in the world live?

The answer to the question of where most of the richest people in the world live corresponds to the general statistics of billionaires – in America. Moreover, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, occupying the first and second places, live in the neighborhood: in the vicinity of the town of Medina, near Lake Washington. Seattle and Redmond can be reached in 15 minutes from here: the latter is the headquarters of Microsoft Corporation.

Bill Gates bought a mansion here worth about $ 2 million in 1997, and spent more than $ 6 million on renovations and redevelopment. Now the villa where Gates lives is estimated at approximately $ 147 million. It is not surprising that the home of the owner of an IT corporation is fully automated and meets the highest technologies.

The richest man in the world, Bezos, near Medina, has two mansions at once with a total value of about $ 10 million. One is right at the water’s edge: the coastline is 94 m long and there is a boat dock. It also includes:

  • two Beverly Hills mansions worth $ 24.45 and $ 12.9 million;
  • three apartments in a historic building in Manhattan, New York, worth over $ 7 million;
  • a mansion worth 23 million in one of the most prestigious areas of Washington, where the couple Obama and Ivanka Trump live next door with their husband;
  • the 30,000-acre estate in Texas that houses his private space company, Blue Origin.

But the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, lives much more modestly. He is an exemplary family man: he met his wife at Harvard and has not parted since then. Even possessing enormous wealth, before the birth of their first child, the couple always lived in a rented apartment, where they felt quite comfortable. Only after the birth of the baby, Mark acquired a house worth $ 7 million. As you might expect, it is located in Silicon Valley, in Palo Alto’s Criscent Park, 40 minutes from San Francisco.

Michael Bloomberg has a completely different position: a total of 15 apartments and mansions in America, a villa in Bermuda and several properties in the UK.

An interesting situation has developed in London, which closes the five cities in the world with the largest number of wealthy people. 48 billionaires are registered here, but the richest of them, until recently, was Leonid Blavatnik, who was educated in America and raised in Moscow, a native of Ukraine. In 2019, his place was taken by another Londoner – Mikhail Fridman: co-owner of Alfa Group from Russia.

Balavatnik is now fighting for the title of the richest man in New York, where he recently moved to permanent residence. The situation is similar with Geneva: out of 13 billionaires living in the European capital, Gennady Timchenko turned out to be the richest, ranking fifth in the Forbes ranking of the richest people in Russia.

How the richest people in the world live

The richest people in the world have always aroused interest: where and how they live, how they differ from others. People who have achieved less in life are eager to watch a video with details of the luxurious life of the powerful, but most often they will be disappointed. Of course, footage from videos with huge houses and supercars can be shocking, but the life of billionaires is usually quite modest, and they do not boast of their wealth. The most striking example is Omancio Ortega, the owner of the Inditex corporation, which includes the world famous brands Zara, Massimo Dutti and Bershka. Despite his gigantic fortune and unlimited possibilities, he leads a modest life. The businessman does not like the public so much that he even refuses to invite the British royal family to attend dinner parties. Finding not only a video, but even a photo from his personal life is not an easy task.

But Larry Ellison – the owner of Oracle – is not shy about his wealth and prefers to live in grand style. The loving billionaire was married four times and, despite his current status as a bachelor, enjoys spending time with beautiful and young girls. He owns several luxury yachts, on board which he participates in the role of captain in regattas and travels around the world.

Another unusual hobby of a billionaire is flying a real fighter jet. It is a pity that we are unlikely to see a video of this flight: they do not like to let the rich into their lives, no matter how journalists hunt them.


Having held the title of the richest man in the world for many years, Bill Gates is known as one of the most generous philanthropists in history. Together with his wife, they organized the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the largest private charity in America. The Foundation takes on the global problems of our time:

  • improving the quality and increasing the availability of health care;
  • poverty alleviation;
  • creation of accessible education;
  • technology diffusion.

In addition, he is known for an extraordinary initiative: after death, all his fortune will be donated to charity. It was created to draw the attention of wealthy people to the issue of patronage. By the way, it was supported by many billionaires around the world, for example, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and entrepreneur Warren Buffett.


The richest man in the world – Amazon founder Jeff Bezos – prefers to spend his free time with his family at home. He believes that this is his main wealth and value, so he never skips breakfast. He also has an unusual hobby: he sponsors the raising of spent NASA launch vehicles from the depths of the ocean.

Elderly, but always positive, Warren Buffett, who is approaching 90 years old, loves to play the ukulele and generally prefers to lead an active lifestyle. Sometimes he even performs songs of his own composition with rock musicians.

Bill Gates’ hobbies are more relaxed: he is engaged in collecting antiques, paintings and retro cars, and also writes books. He spends his holidays with his family: on a cruise on his own yacht in the Caribbean Sea or in Greenland, in a ski resort.

Michael Bloomberg is also partial to skiing. So much so that he not only skates, but also owns a ski resort in Colorado, where he also owns a gourmet restaurant. Like Buffett, he does not sit still and prefers to spend time actively: he has a pilot’s license, as well as his own plane and helicopter. This is one of the most open-minded billionaires: videos and photos with him show Bloomberg’s life in some detail.

The excesses of the rich world

In the richest emirate of Dubai, videos from which amaze with the splendor of hotels, an abundance of boutiques and luxury cars, you can see the most eccentric goods and attributes of a rich lifestyle:

  • the police cars here are from Lamborghini;
  • for home decor, you can buy a 16 kg gold bar sold in a regular jewelry store;
  • pets that are common in Dubai – a lion, a cheetah or a tiger, which are often taken for a walk and carried in ordinary (albeit very expensive) cars;
  • there are establishments where coffee is served with gold froth;
  • if everything else is available, you can buy a PlayStation in a gold case.

Where and how the richest people in Russia live

Moscow is rightfully considered the richest city in Russia: 73 dollar billionaires from the Forbes list are registered here. There are enough people in the capital with a smaller, but still huge fortune. In addition, the entire political elite and pop stars live here, many of whom prefer to live in grand style. Unlike foreigners, Russians are not so secretive: videos of luxury apartments appear frequently.

Where do the mighty of this world live? According to research by Russian Research Group analysts, the richest Muscovites choose apartments in the elite districts of the city center for living. One of the most prestigious is the Tverskoy district, by the way, it is quite criminogenic: it occupies only 7th position in the safety rating. While the much less prestigious Kapotnya is the leader of this list, rich people, despite this, are not interested. The top five most prestigious districts of Moscow with the most expensive housing also include Ostozhenka, Prechistenka, Patriarshiye Ponds, Nikitsky Gate and Arbat lanes.

Many wealthy people choose the most elite area of ​​the Moscow City business district, where they buy both office space and luxurious penthouses and apartments for living. Photos and videos with panoramic views from the windows of skyscrapers are truly mesmerizing. Oddly enough, the famous all over the country Rublevka, where the richest people of the country live, is losing popularity more and more rapidly every year.

Despite this, Russian billionaires own suburban real estate in the near Moscow region. A striking example is Alisher Usmanov, who ranks tenth on the Forbes 2018 list of the richest people in Russia: he has a house in the prestigious Barvikha. In addition, he has the ancestral home of the Sheremetyevs – a real palace in St. Petersburg worth 50 million dollars, as well as a villa in Jurmala worth about 4 million euros and a luxurious mansion in Tashkent.

Vagit Alekperov, ranked fourth in Forbes, is Usmanov’s neighbor: just like Alisher, he lives in Barvikha. He also has other real estate – a huge mansion in Denmark, stylized as a castle. The eccentric billionaire and former presidential candidate Mikhail Prokhorov chose another village near Moscow – Zhukovka, where he has a house with an area of ​​more than 500 m2. Almost the same size is the luxurious mansion of Roman Abramovich in the small village of Zarechye, in the Odintsovo district. He also has many houses around the world, including in France.

Oleg Deripaska, recognized as the richest man in the country in 2008, chose a 500 m2 mansion just 14 km from Moscow in the elite village “Gorki-2” as a permanent place of residence. Like Usmanov, this businessman is not indifferent to aristocracy: he owns the London mansion of the Dukes of Bedford worth 42.5 million dollars. Many pop stars live in villages near Moscow: thanks to their videos on social networks, you can look into the closed life of the elite.

The lives of the rich and famous on video

Videos featuring reports from celebrity homes are consistently popular. Most of the video shows us giant mansions with huge pools and endless rooms. Videos featuring luxury wardrobe reviews and celebrity fleets are popular. It is interesting that really rich people do not shoot videos about their lives: it is rare to look at them through the keyhole.
However, the most persistent manage to get hold of invaluable video frames that open the door to the world of luxury.