Demi Rose Net Worth

Biography of Demi Rose

Demi Rose is a young model and aspiring DJ who has conquered the Internet space with her luxurious and daring curves of her body, which she demonstrates in advertising for lingerie and swimwear.

Pictured: Demi Rose


The full name of the beautiful model, which the media, thanks to her outstanding forms, is compared with the young Kim Kardashian, the famous TV personality, is Demi Rose Moby. She is the late child of bank clerk Barry Moby and his housewife wife Christina. Demi was born on March 27, 1995 in England, in the city of Birmingham, located in the West Midlands, her parents at that time were 56 and 40 years old, respectively.

In Demi’s veins, the blood of Hispanic ancestors combined with British heredity, which explains her beauty, luxurious black hair and bright hazel-green eyes shining in a light porcelain face.

Demi Rose as a child

Demi recalls herself as a child as a very shy child. As a child, she experienced complexes about her body, which, according to her, by the age of twelve, was more in line with a mature woman than a teenage girl, and her favorite entertainment was playing with her pets: a cat named Ruggles and a dog named Leo.

“I literally hated my body and suffered a lot about it,” she says.

When Demi was fifteen, she began to make an effort to get rid of the feminine roundness that caused ridicule from her thin and angular classmates. Self-rejection led to an eating disorder, and then to the development of anorexia, and when Demi’s weight reached a critical mark of 38 kilograms, her parents began to sound the alarm.

Demi Rose before she became famous

After much persuasion, Demi listened to her father and mother and turned to specialists who helped her give up trying to bring her body in line with the standards that glossy publications actively promoted. The girl stopped torturing herself with hunger, but she refused sweets and soda and began to go to the gym regularly.

Demi Rose with her pets

After graduating from John Wilmott School, Demi entered Walsall College, where, along with compulsory subjects, she studied Spanish and took courses in cosmetology.

The beginning of a career in the modeling business

As Demi says, she dreamed of becoming a model since childhood, but she did not even dare to hope that one day her dreams would turn into reality. Demi’s height is only 157 centimeters, which should have deprived her of even the smallest chance that she would ever be able to conquer the world’s catwalks.

Demi Rose at the beginning of her career

To get rid of natural shyness in high school, she began posting her photos on the MySpace social network and gained her first portion of popularity, but she was able to become completely self-confident only after graduating from college.

In an interview with The Sun, Demi admitted that at the beginning of her career she felt embarrassed when she noticed that people on the streets recognized her, but soon got used to it.

Demi Rose’s height is only 157 centimeters

In 2011, Demi started her Instagram, not yet suspecting that in 8 years the number of her subscribers would exceed 11 million. Photos showing every feminine curve of her body caught the attention of the American reality TV project Taz’s Angels.

At the invitation of the creators of the project, in 2014, Demi moved to the United States, to Miami, and became a member of an Instagram reality show that highlights the daily life of beautiful young girls, mostly with dark skin: African-American, Latino, mulatto.

Demi Rose (pictured left) at the Taz’s Angels project

The project quickly gained notoriety. The “Taz Angels” (Taz is the name of the creator of the project) were accused of promoting a dissolute lifestyle, and their “boss” was accused of exploiting girls who, according to some information, provided escort services. Subsequently, the unambiguous direction of the project became apparent, but Demi had already left him by that time. She received several lucrative contracts and began to build her career as an atypical model.

Popularity and the secret of excellent physical shape

Demi signed contracts with fashion publications, in the period from 2016 to 2018, her photographs graced the spreads of popular publications For Him Magazine, WorldstarHipHop, Nuts and SIXTY6.

Demi Rose parameters: 94 x 61 x 91 cm

Despite her short stature, Demi can not be called petite at all: she has magnificent breasts and voluminous hips. Thanks to her physique, she looks most advantageous in lingerie and swimsuits, and daily workouts under the supervision of a personal trainer named Dean and a strict diet help the beautiful Englishwoman maintain a luxurious physical shape.

Demi focuses on exercises for the buttocks, hips and abs, she also does cardio three or four times a week, which help her not gain extra pounds. About being compared to Kim Kardashian, Demi speaks with irony and hints that her body is more natural than that of the American television personality.

Demi Rose is often compared to Kim Kardashian (pictured left)

After the model posed semi-nude for the cover of SIXTY6 in 2017, rumors began to appear on the Internet that she used the services of plastic surgeons to give her buttocks an even more daring shape. A month later, The Sun Online published an interview with the buxom model, in which she denied the rumors about the operation and called her body a lucky combination of genes and the result of hard work in the gym.

Demi Rose has the image of a sexually liberated girl

In 2017, Zoo Magazine named Demi one of the sexiest girls on the planet. The beauty of the British model can be seen not only in glossy spreads, but also in the clips of popular musicians such as Chris Brown and DJ Khaled. Demi supports the image of a sexually liberated girl by posting provocative photos on her Instagram page and appearing at parties in revealing outfits that do not hide the seductiveness of her body.

Demi Rose’s personal life

In 2016, Demi dated Michael Ray Stevenson, known as the rap artist Tyga. In an interview held in May 2017, the dark-haired model said that they had quite a lot of fun and broke up by mutual desire.

Demi Rose and Tyga

The next guy who was lucky enough to take the heart of the beautiful Demi was Thomas Byron Courtney, a famous producer and DJ, acting under the creative pseudonym Tom Zanetti.

Demi Rose and Tom Zanetti

The relationship between Demi and Tom continued until the end of 2017, and at the beginning of 2018, information appeared in the media that the model was in a romantic relationship with actor and musician Chris Martinez, a member of The Martinez Brothers duet.

Demi Rose with Chris Martinez

Demi does not hide that she is in love, on her Instagram she often posts photos with her lover, calling him “my DJ” and “my king”. It was Chris who inspired Demi to study music; in the fall of 2018, in an interview, she stated that she plans to start a career as a DJ.

In October 2018, Demi had to endure grief: her father, who at the time of death was eighty, died. Eight months later, her mother died. The loss of the closest people was the hardest test for Demi, she shared her grief with subscribers, who were very touched by the story that once during a walk she met two white doves, which she mistook for the souls of deceased relatives. Under the photo of the birds, Demi wrote: “I really hope that it was my beloved mom and dad who visited me.”

Demi Rose now

In the summer of 2019, a video of the Oh Polly show leaked online, in which Demi showed off underwear and swimwear. The uncertain gait of the model caused another activity of haters who did not miss the moment to criticize her figure and her inability to gracefully move. To the spiteful critics, Demi replied that her clumsiness was caused by the shoes, which turned out to be too big for her, and the wrong size of the top.

Demi Rose on the catwalk

At the end of summer, the bold British model took part in a candid photo shoot in Indonesia. Fully naked Demi was captured in a bathtub filled with exotic flower petals. The natural youthful beauty of the model’s face was emphasized by a light, almost imperceptible make-up with an emphasis on eyebrows and lips, and of the jewelry she wore only rings.

According to Demi’s 12 million Instagram followers, in these photos she herself looks like a beautiful exotic flower. Thanking the fans for the compliments, Demi wrote that beauty, in her opinion, is not at all facial features and not a figure, but a light in the heart.

Demi Rose in 2024

In November 2019, Demi shone at an event for the cosmetic brand Skinny Tan, held in London. The model lived up to the expectations of the fans and appeared in a revealing outfit: in a black translucent mini with lacing on the chest, under which there was no underwear. Also at the party, Demi wore shoes with a metal toe, complementing the image with a small elegant handbag on a chain.