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Biography of Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Maria Schiffer is a German supermodel, designer and actress based in the UK. She became famous from her first steps on the catwalk in the 1990s and reached heights: she posed for Chanel, L’Oreal, Valentino, Versace, was the muse of Karl Lagerfeld, the first of the top models was honored to grace the cover of The Rolling Stones magazine, subsequently appearing in cover stories of the best fashionable gloss of the world about 1000 times.

Pictured: Claudia Schiffer

The recognized style icon was included in the list of the 25 most beautiful people on the planet according to People magazine, received millions of contracts with Pepsi, Fanta, Citroën, and for several years was the highest paid model in the world. In 2002, Forbes estimated her net worth at $55 million.

In addition, she starred in several films, received the title of UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for the UK and published a book about her career, Claudia Schiffer by Schiffer. In addition to her native German, she is fluent in French and English.


The future catwalk queen was born on August 25, 1970 in the German town of Rheinberg, located near Dusseldorf, in a strict and conservative family of a successful lawyer Heinz Schiffer and his housewife wife Gudrun. Later, the couple had three more children: sons Stefan and Andreas and daughter Ann Carolyn.

Claudia Schiffer as a child

Claudia grew up as a shy, insecure and slightly clumsy girl, very worried about thinness, too high growth, X-shaped legs and not thick enough hair.

Claudia thought she was the ugly duckling

She studied well at the gymnasium, loved the exact sciences, went on a school exchange to the small French town of Montreuil-sur-Mer, at the age of 15 she won the city physics Olympiad, gaining the right to enter the University of Munich without exams. In addition, for some time she attended a ballet school, took piano lessons, played tennis.


In the fall of 1987, one of Claudia’s university friends invited her to a birthday party. In a nightclub where the guys celebrated the event, the girl was noticed by a Metropolitan agent. Soon a Spanish photographer offered Claudia a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine. As a result, at the end of 1989, Schiffer got on the pages of a glossy magazine. This moment was a turning point in the fate of an excellent student: she firmly decided to become a fashion model.

In 1990, the director of the Metropolitan modeling agency invited Claudia Schiffer to move to Paris and start a modeling career. The girl agreed. A few months later, Schiffer was engaged at the Lagerfeld Fashion House. Soon a contract was signed with the cosmetic company Revlon. After that, Claudia’s popularity began to grow rapidly. In parallel with the popularity, the state of the young model also increased: in the early nineties, Schiffer was the highest paid model on the planet for several years. Thanks to Claudia’s agents, who carefully selected every commercial offer that came to her, Schiffer maintained the image of a fresh, sensual girl who enjoys every moment of her happy life.

Finest hour by Claudia Schiffer

After appearing in Revlon, offers fell on Claudia like from a cornucopia, and the next contract – with ELLE – only strengthened her position in the world of modeling. The best glossy magazines in Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain fought for Claudia to appear on their pages. The girl’s agents sent several of her photographs to Chanel, after which Karl Lagerfeld signed a permanent contract with the model for shows of the Chanel Fashion House. The contract lasted until 1997. From that moment on, Claudia’s finest hour came.

Claudia Schiffer in her youth

Every day, the model received at least forty kilograms of letters. Claudia appeared in a short time on more than five hundred covers of prestigious magazines. It was Schiffer who was the first of the top models to be honored to be on the cover of the prestigious Rolling Stones magazine. Since 1992, the model began to live almost on an airplane, managing to film in Moscow and Jakarta, New Orleans and Paris in one day.


At 27, Claudia Schiffer has become an international supermodel. At the same time, experts included her in the list of the ten sexiest women on the planet. The journalists of the publication “People” included Claudia in the top 25 most beautiful people on the planet. Schiffer became the face of Chanel, Versace, Valentino fashion houses, posed for the annual swimsuit calendar with stunning success, signed contracts with the largest concerns Pepsi, Fanta, Citroen. Not a single event of the automobile concern – from the presentation of a conceptual city small car to the filming of a video dedicated to driving safety – was complete without her participation. Later, a contract was signed with the Swedish clothing company H&M. Multi-meter posters depicting a supermodel in full growth, placed on the roads of Europe, caused more than one car accident.

Claudia Schiffer, top model of the 90s

Failed film debuts

Like any supermodel, Claudia Schiffer sought to try her hand not only in the modeling field. Schiffer decided to try to join the world of cinema. However, all her attempts were completely failed. Absolutely all the tapes in which the supermodel was filmed were subjected to harsh criticism by experts. One of the directors with whom the famous Schiffer worked spoke extremely unflatteringly about her acting abilities, calling the model “complete mediocrity.” Claudia’s film debut took place in 1994.

The episodic role of the model in the American film “The Ready Dress” was so small that her name was not even considered necessary to be indicated in the credits. In the same 1994, another film appeared on the screens with the episodic participation of the model – Richie Rich. The next appearance of Claudia on the screens took place three years later – in 1997, the American-French film “Eclipse” was released. By the end of the nineties, despite the failure of previous films, Schiffer gradually began to devote more and more time to cinema.

Claudia Schiffer in the movies in the early 2000s

In 1999, Claudia Schiffer starred in the film “Black and White” by J. Toback. The supermodel played the role of anthropologist Greta. The cast of the picture was truly stellar: Robert John Downey Jr., Stacey Edwards, Gaby Hoffmann, Jared Leto, Joe Pantoliano worked on the same set with the aspiring actress. The scandalous plot of the film about the relationship between black and white New York teenagers of different sexes left a good mark on the film biography of the supermodel. In the same year, pictures with the participation of Schiffer “Desperate Beauties”, “Friends and Lovers” appeared on the screens. In Friends and Lovers, the model’s partners in the film were the incomparable Stephen Baldwin and Danny Nucci. The picture, which tells about how a company of old friends is going to celebrate Christmas together and what came of it, was a good success with the audience, although it was coldly received by critics. However, after this picture, Schiffer’s career in the field of cinema went up sharply.

Claudia Schiffer and David Copperfield

In 2001, viewers saw three film projects with the participation of the top model: Romantic Crime, Chase, Model Male. Further, films with the participation of Schiffer become more and more successful: in 2002, “Darma and Greg”, “In Bed with the Devil” are released. For three years, from 2003 to 2006, the series Arrested Development was a huge success, in which Claudia appears several times in episodes, but her last name is not indicated in the credits.


Claudia Schiffer has always been different and has a healthy, measured lifestyle. The supermodel rarely gives gossip to the yellow press. Schiffer practically does not drink alcohol, never smoked or took drugs. Claudia believes that the knowledge of one’s own inner world is impossible when using any drugs. The character of Claudia also does not give rise to scandals – as the star herself says, “I never do such things for which I would later have to apologize.”

Claudia Schiffer’s personal life

As a child, Claudia Schiffer once said that she wanted to become the most famous woman in the world. In general, she was able to achieve this, but at school age the girl saw other ways to achieve this goal – to marry Mickey Mouse. Growing up, Claudia realized that it is easier to become a supermodel than to win the love of a cartoon character. There were few men in Claudia’s life, she did not allow herself to have intrigues and petty novels, which her colleagues in the shop loved to have fun with.

Claudia Schiffer with husband Matthew Vaughn and children

The supermodel met true love in 2001. The chosen one of the star was the producer and director Matthew Vaughn. In 2002, the lovers got married. Thanks to Vaughn’s noble origin (his father, Count George Albert Harley de Drummond, was the godson of King George VI), Claudia Schiffer acquired the title of Countess of Oxford after her marriage. Now Matthew and Claudia have three children – daughters Clementine and Cosima and son Caspar. The family lives mainly in London, periodically visiting their two-level apartment in Monaco or apartments in New York.

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