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Anne’s Book Basket is a site that combines good literature, a passion for writing, and an interest in rich history. It is a place where you can find reviews and recommendations for good, clean, and wholesome literature, tips, tricks, tools, and encouragement for budding writers and aspiring authors, as well as offering a fascinating glance into the past where you can explore various interesting eras throughout history. 

Grab a cup of tea and join me as we explore the beautiful world of reading, writing, and history!

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If you are looking for reviews and recommendations for a variety of books ranging from boards books to adult books, then visit the book basket. There you can find reviews and recommendations on books, book lists, themed months, and more!

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If you are a budding writer or an aspiring author, then visit our writer’s corner. That is where you can find tips, tricks, resources and encouragement for writers. 

Do you have a young writer in the house who wants to get their work published? If so, then you can submit their work in the young writer’s submission area to get their work published on this site.

History | Glance Into the Past

Get a glance into the past by visiting our Glance into the Past section for interesting stories, facts, and books to grow a deeper connection to times gone by.